I started training with Casey in a bid to lose some stubborn weight I never lost after having my children. Casey helped me with my diet and an exercise program. I lost the 10kg I wanted to lose which I had been unable to do on my own. I was very happy with the results, I had visibly lost weight, gained definition, was eating more healthily, felt more energetic and looked better. Everyone commented!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Casey as a personal trainer. She is absolutely passionate about health, fitness and diet. She is such a knowledgeable personal trainer who is always researching new methods of health and fitness. She is always positive, motivating and enthusiastic. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Casey will lead you every step of the way.


I started training with KC Bester in 2013, since I could not get myself so far as to train on my own. My understanding at that point in time of personal trainers was that they will assist me with correct exercising to achieve my weight goal.

However, my experience with KC was a total lifestyle change as opposed to mere assistance with exercise – improving not only my physical appearance but also my physical and mental wellbeing in general, through exercising combined with correct eating habits. Her exercise program goes hand in hand with healthy and appropriate eating habits which are monitored on a daily basis. She shares a vast amount of knowledge about food, which is crucial to achieving and maintaining any weight goal.

My husband suffers from diverticulosis and had chronic intestinal discomfort. However, KC assisted him with correcting his eating habits to a point where he could leave his chronic medicine.

Training with KC is joyous and rewarding – not only on a physical and mental level but on a human level as well. She is an inspiring and invigorating person, always putting a smile on one’s face.

Choosing KC is a real investment for your health and life and I will continue to recommend her without hesitation.


I booked a course with KC in February this year. At the time I was suffering from an autoimmune disorder and was completely drained of energy. I had put on 10kgs of extra weight and felt flabby and unfit.

When I started with KC, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to live up to her expectations, as she is very passionate about what she does, but she was so encouraging. She helped me right from the start, showing me how to eat correctly. I learnt so much about food, it was incredible! I had always thought that I ate healthy food but I was combining the wrong foods together and was filling my body with inflammatory foods. She really got me on the right track. I lost 9kgs in the 12-week course by eating correctly and exercising with KC twice a week.

I am a different person now. I am healthy and strong and have a new lease on life.

Thank you KC!


I started training with KC three years ago- I had just had my third baby and needed to loose about 15 kg.
Sticking to KC’s diet and exercising with her three times a week- a combo of cardio and weight training- I had lost the weight within three months.
Due to a few personal setbacks I gained all the weight back-I am an emotional eater. But now I am back on track and know I can stick to KC’s diet because I eat 3 delicious and healthy meals with 2 snacks in between that speed up my metabolism. KC can be highly recommended as a personal trainer. Thank you KC!