Personal trainer in Cape Town

“What I love most about my job is the fact that I change people’s lives for the better”


Hi, I’m KC Bester. I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years, training women, teenagers and children. I am fully qualified with an Exercise Teachers Academy diploma. I work with women of all shapes and sizes. Too often I have heard that overweight women, who desperately want to lose weight just feel so intimidated exercising in public gyms. Dream Physique is situated in Claremont, Cape Town.


Personal trainer in Cape Town

Over the past 10 years my own personal journey towards wellness prompted me to become passionate about healthy food and how different types of food can work for or against you. I began researching and discovered how many foods considered healthy are actually inflammatory and can even stop you from losing weight. With this in mind I have developed a way of eating that promotes good digestion, optimum health and sheds unwanted kilos. My clients have lost up to 12 kilograms in an 8-week period (the weight stays off) and they look and feel amazing!


I continue to strive to create healthy eating solutions for women that will empower them throughout their lives to enable them to reach their personal goals. My reward is seeing my training and motivation make a real positive difference in their lives.